Using Beard Follicles for Hair Transplant

Using follicles from the face and transplanting them to the head is actually a form of Follicular Unit Extraction, on a basic level.  Tiny punches are used to harvest these grafts.

However, this type of procedure requires a highly specialized approach. Specially designed tools need to be used. When it comes to extracting beard hairs, there are two primary challenges:

1) The risk of damaging the follicles through the use of regular FUE punches. Facial hair grows at different angles. And with curly hair, it grows in curves below the skin. Therefore it is difficult to know exactly where the follicle is. And punches can be positioned inaccurately, causing damage to the structure.

2) The face is quite visible compared to the head. No one wants to have scars or marks on their face after surgery. This too is a risk with basic FUE tools.

Harvesting beard hair needs to be done with an Advanced Follicular Unit Extraction system called uGraft. UGraft instruments includes special mechanisms  and punch units that create wounds of specific shapes that heal in a superior fashion.  Patients do not need to worry about permanent facial marks and irregularities on their skin as a result.